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Summer Book Mash-Up

Join us for a collaborative, one-hour "Summer Book Mash-Up" on August 4th at 1pm EST. This virtual book study will be unique because we'll be doing a deeper dive into one chapter from two different books. More than simple summaries, the mash-up format brings leaders, ideas, and competing thoughts together! If you're a busy school leader this innovative webinar is for YOU.

How to Participate

  • Go to the free registration link HERE.

  • Next, read chapter 3 from Renegade Leadership and chapter 5 from Future Focused Leaders. (A discounted book bundle is available HERE for anyone interested in both books.)

Learn with the Authors

Better Together

Sometimes it seems like there are more "competing schools of thought" than unifiers in education.

This webinar will create coherence between leaders, levels, organizations, and books. We will highlight the interconnectivity between levels and leadership ideas. Special thanks to NAESP and NASSP for the support and for helping to bring leaders together from all levels.

Book studies may never be the same again. We'll provide plenty of passion, practical take-away strategies, and possibly even some creative discourse. The take-always will transcend "level" and connect some of the dots that instructional leaders encounter.

Invite a friend from a different district or leadership role to participate as well. We'll also be continuing the conversation after the webinar on Twitter at #LeadershipMashUp.

If you have questions about the webinar or books please don't hesitate to reach out. We'll also be fielding questions on Twitter and in the comments section below.



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