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The 6 Literacy Levers might be the most actionable book you read this year! The resources in this book can be implemented by individual educators, teams, and school districts who are committed to investing in a culture of reading.

Every student has the right to learn how to read. But learning how isn't enough. We need students to want to read. Every reader deserves a literacy-rich environment in which reading is championed by all the leaders (formal and informal) in their school. 


This book provides people at every level of leadership the tools and culture-building strategies needed to help all students fall in love with reading. And it will help you co-create a community of readers that challenges and inspires readers of all ages. 

  • This book is for any educator who wants to grow as a literacy leader.

  • This book will empower teams to initiate conversations that will take the work deeper.

  • This book explores six literacy levers that will help you create a community of readers. 

  • This book will equip you with actionable ideas and the research needed to push the field forward.

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