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Today's students have countless opportunities to connect, created, and learn outside of school. But what will they find when they walk into your school? Renegade Leadership is a Corwin Press best-seller because it's helping educators around the world create innovative schools for digital-aged learners.

There is much to celebrate in schools today. But there are also increasingly complex challenges (and opportunities) facing leaders. And we all know there's no app or cookie-cutter template to navigate the change that's needed. 

Renegade Leadership will help you merge current best practice with innovation to create a more learner-centric school. The book is not only a practical how-to guide, but it's also a call to action! By reading this book, you will learn how to:

  • Apply the transformational tenets of the Renegade C.O.D.E. to your work

  • Increase your leadership capacity in curriculum, instruction, cultural proficiency, and school improvement

  • Lead staff meetings, plan personalized professional development, and improve student learning

With vignettes from educational leaders across the country, profiles of real-life renegades, and a robust companion Flipped Book Study loaded with audio and video resources, this book will help you thrive as a digital-age school leader. The only question is...are you ready to be a renegade?

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