Introduction: Renegades Needed

Flipped Book Study: Watch before reading to enhance your learning.

Note from the Author: A quick Google search of "School Leadership Books" will yield nearly 253,000,000 results. So why add another book and website to the list? My "why" is because all students deserve innovative schools that reflect the possibilities of the digital age.

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Water Cooler Questions:


  1. Why are you reading Renegade Leadership and connecting in this online space?

  2. What is your 'why'?

Table of Contents:


  • CHAPTER 1. Renegade Leadership Defined

  • CHAPTER 2. Relationships and Culture

  • CHAPTER 3. The Renegade CODE

  • CHAPTER 4. Collaboration for Digital-Age Students

  • CHAPTER 5. Ownership: Empowering Digital-Age Students

  • CHAPTER 6. Digital-Connectivity for Digital-Age Students

  • CHAPTER 7. Experiential Learning is Deeper Learning

  • CHAPTER 8. Instructional Leadership for the Digital Age

  • CHAPTER 9. Personalized PD to Empower Educators

  • CHAPTER 10. Activate Your Renegade Leadership

Additional Listening/Viewing:


  • Know Your Why: This four minute video by Michael Jr. is one of the most powerful messages I have seen. Listen to his message and then share your 'why' in the forum below.

What is a Digital Badge?


Digital badges (also known as micro-credentials) are authenticated artifacts of your professional learning. Think of a digital badge as part of your online resume or digital footprint. The Renegade Leadership micro-credentialing is validated through Laura Fleming's digital badging platform, Worlds of Learning. Educators use digital badges and micro-credentialing for different reasons.

  1. Digital badges are one way to acknowledge professional learning.

  2. Digital badges showcase your reflections and work.

  3. Digital badges are displayed online, and demonstrate your commitment to an idea or subject matter (e.g. best practice & innovation) even when you are not online.

Educators who complete at least one mini-challenge per chapter will earn the Renegade Leadership digital badge as an acknowledgement of their professional learning.

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Dr. Brad Gustafson is an elementary principal, author, and speaker. He believes schools can be spaces where creativity and innovation thrive, but only when we prioritize relationships and a relevant, connected pedagogy. 


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This TED-inspired talk introduces a real-life renegade, and unpacks the basic tenants of a digital-age pedagogy.



Personalize your learning and double-down on your leadership! Complete at least one of the mini challenges at the end of each chapter to earn your Renegade Leadership badge.

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