Leading from the Fog

I'm an avid game player. Always have been. When I was growing up, my parents worried that I took board games too seriously. I can't imagine why, but... I read the Monopoly rule book for fun. I pored over the official Scrabble dictionary to increase my repertoire of obscure two-letter words to close out games. (Did you know "aa" is a type of lava and valid Scrabble word?!) When my wife and I first started dating, our relationship nearly ended over a Pictionary disagreement. Leading during uncertain times is not a game. It is of critical importance and the stakes are very real. At the same time, the situation many school leaders find themselves in is eerily similar to the "fog of war" setting

How Much Leadership is Enough?

I was working on a project outside this weekend and had to chuckle to myself about the leadership that's been required from educators over the past several months. (And when I say, "chuckle" I think I mean wince.) I'll share more about the project I was working on in a second, but first I want to acknowledge something. I know many educators are pouring themselves into their work and the people they serve. And it's been incredibly difficult for reasons we know all too well. This got me thinking about leadership and a question came to mind, How much leadership is enough? Before I answer this, I want to share a little more about the project I was working on. This weekend I stopped by a home imp

Dr. Brad Gustafson is an elementary principal, author, and speaker. He believes schools can be spaces where creativity and innovation thrive, but only when we prioritize relationships and a relevant, connected pedagogy. 


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