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Powerful Tools and a Powerful Responsibility

Watch the first phase of a global video project that's connecting kids to complex problem-solving experiences. In the video above, you will see several of our students work through a portion of a Rube Goldberg machine. The video concludes with a marble successfully dropping off a table...and that is where the next classroom will start their collaboration!

We believe that with the powerful learning tools we have at our disposal comes a powerful responsibility. Plugging-in a textbook or adding batteries to a worksheet is hardly the goal of 21st-century learning. We believe it's our responsibility to ignite curiosity, creativity, and student learning through innovative thinking. (Sometimes this involves technology and other times it may not.) However, when we do use technology we aspire to tap into its transformative potential in many different ways, including:

  • Unleash creative potential

  • Bring people and ideas together in ways that were previously unfathomable

  • Empower student leadership and learning

  • Connect students to an authentic audience

  • Invent the future (instead of solely reliving or replaying the past)

We hope you'll consider joining us on this connected learning adventure. Sign-up to participate in the #GlobalGoldberg project today! Empower your students to invent, build, connect, and collaborate!

With powerful tools comes a powerful responsibility. We need to transform how we think about pedagogy, purpose, and student potential!



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