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Is College Really a Good Investment?

Is a college degree more than a social signal? When considering the high cost of college, we need to think differently about blindly pushing all kids to college.

You might be wondering who gets to decide who goes to college? I actually think the better question is, what can we do right now in our classrooms and schools to position all students for success regardless of the career pathways they are considering?

Our guest provides a couple very specific things we should all be doing to help students succeed regardless of their post-high school plans. Whether you agree with him or not, our latest show takes a pointed look at what used to be considered the pinnacle of a student’s educational journey.

Here are a few things to listen for as you work your way through the ten-minute episode:

  • Listen for what our guest says about the Return on Investment (ROI) in College.

  • Listen for an example of a profession that Don Wettrick believes MUST require a college degree.

  • Listen for the one thing all educators can do right now in their classrooms to help kids.

Click HERE to listen and subscribe to the unearthED Podcast in iTunes. We’d love to hear your comments and stake in the ground using the #unearthED too!



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