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Build Better Booktalks (Video)

I recently had the chance to work with 100+ third-grade students on a literacy-themed project. Their teachers are immersed in some important conversations about passion-based reading, and trying some truly innovative things.

Our focus with students was on how to start a booktalk. And by “start” I mean we talked about how to absolutely CRUSH the opening of a booktalk. I’m not an expert on this, but I was definitely able to share what *not* to do!

During our time together, we also talked about how I would be sending a follow-up video that could be used to help students take their booktalks to the next level. keeping with that promise I’m sharing this 3-minute video. Feel free to share it with your students as well.

PS: We’ll be putting together our annual “Booktalk World Championship” soon. If you’re interested in receiving a sneak preview or possibly participating, enter your e-mail address in the blog subscription box. I will deliver updates straight to your championship-caliber inbox.

Special thanks to Jeffery Demars for all the video-production help and collaboration on this project.



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