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Two Things I Love

I love family and I love reading. It seems only right that we combined two of my favorite things into one joyous video project!

To kick-off #FamilyBookTalk, we asked some of our favorite authors join the fun. You can see their family booktalk videos HERE, and don't forget to see the booktalks other educators have created on the #FamilyBookTalk hashtag.

I wanted to share our family's video and then challenge a few of my friends to participate as well. If you can get over the ridiculous hair in my video, you'll get an authentic glimpse into a Saturday morning at the Gustafson's home. Enjoy!

It wouldn't feel right if I didn't try and rope in part of my "edu-family" on Twitter into this combination of family and books. I'm challenging these seven incredible people to create a #FamilyBookTalk too:

Happy reading and above all else, enjoy your family!



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