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Every Child Needs a Renegade

I had an epiphany after the Olympics ended. In fact, I think I invented a new Olympic event. We need a cannonball contest. One big, joy-filled event that celebrates creativity and poolside innovation.

After watching several countries try to shave seconds off their times it dawned on me. Every one of those runners, jumpers, and divers was attempting to execute a flawless routine. Divers tried to minimize their splash as they entered the glassy surface of the pool. And those that achieved the rare "splashless" entry were greatly rewarded.

In many ways teachers...and all educators for that matter....have been unfairly tasked with doing the same. We're involved in the endless pursuit of creating the perfect lesson, raising test scores, and creating an orderly (splashless) environment. Failure to comply with the status quo could result in everything from raised eyebrows to pushback from supervisors and/or peers.

Yet another story is playing out. A courageous breed of teachers, teacher-leaders, parents, and administrators are unleashing their best thinking and pushing for meaningful change in a system that tells us kids are numbers first. These renegade educators understand that a child is more than a number and will always be more than a number.

Our kids are precious souls overflowing with creative potential and they come to us with pre-existing talents, passions, and identities. They are not broken. We just need to think differently to unleash their talents!

I'm excited to announce that a book that could be compared to a big, beautiful "educational cannonball" hit the shelves this week. Renegade Leadership: Creating Innovative Schools for Digital-Age Students is available now! It includes the voices of 30+ educators who have courageously committed to making a splash for kids. I hope you'll consider reading it and joining countless others who are committed to redefining what child-centered practice means in education.

You can order Renegade Leadership HERE.



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