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Lighten Your Leadership Load

It happens every year. Like clockwork. I know it's you'd think I'd be better prepared. Every Summer (and sometimes into the Fall) I find myself wracking my brain about what picture books I'll read to classrooms as part of the monthly principal read alouds we offer in our school. As much as I enjoy reading to students, I put a lot of pressure on myself to find the perfect books. Searching for titles I think will be fun, build empathy, and celebrate students should be easier?! I probably put too much pressure on myself.

Another thing I'm constantly thinking about is how to make staff meetings not stink. (LOL) I want the precious time our team has together to be uplifting, authentic, and grounded in the actual work we're trying to accomplish. This means that Professional Development is responsive to the needs of the people closest to the work, and ultimately translates to making a difference for students. This continues to be an elusive target for me. And then there's the importance of investing in teacher leadership, building relationships on campus, and becoming a school that engages with the community in ongoing and meaningful ways -- while also finding time to invest in my own Professional Learning. The struggle is real. If you're anything like me, you want to do work that matters -- and you want to find a reasonable and sustainable way to do the work. Without piling more onto an already full plate. I'm at a point in my career (and life) where I'm simply not interested in diluting my energy and focus on things that are not key difference makers. I’m also not inclined to sacrifice all of my family time or personal well-being in order to do more. And more. If this sounds familiar, I'd like to invite you into something I'm super excited about. We're starting a Principals' Clubhouse. It's a place for you to show up just as you long as you're willing to collaborate and grow! You don't have to be a literacy guru or "reading-research-mega-principal" to join us. You just need to be you. Curious. Busy. Struggling. Learning. Collaborative. All things YOU! The PDF (below) details more info on the Clubhouse, but here are five reasons why I’m excited (and why I hope you will be too).

5+ reasons why we'd love to welcome you to the club...

1. The Principals' Clubhouse will help you with work you're already leading.

We don't want to add to your plate...we want to enhance the things you're already committed to while learning how to lead literacy in a meaningful way!

2. The Principals' Clubhouse will fill your bucket with fun -- fun ideas, fun connections, and a fun classroom read-aloud book for each month.

We'll share inspiring booktalks, actionable ideas you can use right away, and every Clubhouse member will receive 10 pre-selected picture books to help with monthly read alouds!

3. The Principals' Clubhouse will support you in establishing deeper connections with literacy leaders in your school and beyond.

We'll meet virtually with principals around the country on the first Thursday of every month (August - May) at 7:30pm of all, each Clubhouse member can invite two teachers or literacy leaders from their team to join us! It will be a capacity-building experience!!

4. The Principals' Clubhouse will provide interactive Professional Learning segments based on the book, "The 6 Literacy Levers."

These powerful segments are embedded into our virtual meetings times, and can be applied/replicated in your staff and PLC meetings!

5. The Principals' Clubhouse is for busy leaders looking to grow relationships and support readers in their school -- no matter what your experience with literacy is.

One of the biggest barriers to helping readers is when the leaders in a school see somebody else as the literacy leader. The Clubhouse will celebrate your leadership strengths while also pouring into you so you feel more equipped to help teachers and students learn how to read (and love to read)!

I can't wait to join my friends, Dr. LaQuita Outlaw, Todd Nesloney, Dr. Alice Lee, and MORE for this adventure!! Check out the PDF below for more details. If you're interested in joining us, you can email or reach out to me anytime with questions. If you do decide to join us, there’s a nice discount for signing up before May 31st!

FYR Principal's Clubhouse Flyer
Download PDF • 694KB




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