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30-Second BookTalk is BACK!

The #30SecondBookTalk is back and better than ever! This year we’re opening things up like never before and everyone is invited to join the fun. Here are a few reasons we’re so excited to start the collaboration with you (and your virtual classroom) now...

CONNECT: Stories are powerful connectors and so is sharing your love of reading. Finding ways to meaningfully connect with one another is important. COVID-19 may have changed the way school looks for many of us, but we can still connect, read, and grow together.

CREATE: You can use any video creation tool you like and create your best #30SecondBookTalk. (The Tips and Tricks section below has an amazing resource that my good friend and co-host, Jennifer LaGarde, put together for everyone.)

SHARE: You can help us spread the literacy-love by sharing a short booktalk video on social media using the #30SecondBookTalk hashtag! (Note: be sure you have permission from parents before sharing videos featuring students!)

SUPPORT: We can all celebrate the contributions of others as they post their booktalk videos to our community hashtag. Keep the comments, likes, and retweets flowing for fellow readers. Jenn and I plan to create a highlight video later in May, so submit early and submit often!

READ: The #30SecondBookTalk is a fantastic way to add more titles to your must-read list.

TIPS, TRICKS, AND MORE BOOKTALK GOODNESS: We’ve shared some of our favorite booktalk resources HERE. This is literacy gold, friends!



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