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Teacher Empowerment Summit

I was recently asked a question that gave me pause. So much so, that I’m now curious how others might respond. The question was, “What’s the most empowering idea you think every educator should know?”

The question seemed so straightforward, but the more I thought about this work we do, the more I realized I wanted to hear how others would respond.

If you’re interested in hearing my idea (along with 20 incredibly inspiring educators who answered the same question) you can go to the Teacher Empowerment Summit website and get a free pass. The free pass should get you access to some really compelling interviews that also include strategies that can help you thrive in whatever role you’re serving students.

I believe the free pass is good for three days, and after watching I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’m also interested in what you think is the one idea every educator needs to know! Feel free to share your thinking on social media or in the comments section below.

Disclosure of Material Connection: The link to the Teacher Empowerment Summit will get you to a free pass, but if you eventually decide to purchase VIP access, I will receive a royalty. Regardless, I only support ideas and educators I believe in, and the empowering ideas in this Summit meet this high standard.



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