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A Short Story and Lots of Slime (Video)

I was in the lunchroom last week when a 4th grader approached me with a very concerned look on her face. She appeared as if she was on the verge of tears, but somehow managed to ask me a question:

"Are you going to record the slime later today?"

I still get a little choked up thinking about this. Mainly because of how much her question meant to her. She was referring to an assembly we'd be having later that afternoon. (An assembly she needed to miss because she had to leave school early.) I assured her that we would be recording the slime and could literally feel her anxiety transform into a combination of relief and joy. The reason I share this simple story is two-fold.

First, her genuine desire to see the event was heartwarming. I would have been surprised by how much she cared, but for the past month, students have been buzzing about the slime. So...I kind of knew it was important to a lot of kids.

Second, I'm really inspired by our team's ability to meet requests such as this whenever they come up. Everyone has a different reason for being able to be at school or not be at school. (This includes parents, grandparents, volunteers, and the like.) More often than not, our staff and PTA are able to leverage technology to close the distance between heart and school...wherever our parents happen to be.

This work is a labor of love and we appreciate the chance to share the stories of our staff, students, and PTA whenever possible. When you're watching the video, don't let the drones and Go-Pro camera fool you. This endeavor is more about partnership and core beliefs than technology. The technology simply amplifies our beliefs about putting kids first, school culture, and parent partnership.

This video goes out to my 4th-grade friend and anyone else who was unable to join us last week.



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