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Can Teachers be Entrepreneurs?

For the past couple years, I've been fortunate to co-host an educational podcast with a very good friend of mine. We call our show #UnearthED, and our goal is to dig deeper into stories that bubble up on Twitter and other media sites.

Recently, a story from the New York Times erupted and had educators everywhere buzzing. You can read the full story (and 600+ comments) HERE. The article introduced the concept of teacher-branding and raised questions about the ethics involved. This is something we wanted dialogue about on the podcast...and I'm really glad we did.

During the podcast, our guest-host made a strong assertion about the tactics that the New York Times used in their story. After rereading the story I can't say I disagree. We can only hope that we took things a little deeper during our 10 minute dialogue so that you feel like you can continue the conversation.

We'd love for you to listen and then share out your take-aways and "stake in the ground" via social media. Click HERE to listen.



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