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On Being Present

My family has a multitude of traditions that keep us grounded and connected to one another. For example, during Winter Break we know that we will be driving through the snow-covered streets to look at Christmas lights together. With hot cocoa in hand, we’ll laugh, admire the lights, and take a little time to throw judgment at the light displays that miss the mark in our eyes.

We have more frequent traditions too. Things like church, family night, and eating together every evening anchor us to core priorities. Amidst the busy backdrop of life things like faith and family can be compromised if we’re not intentional.

Making a commitment to “being present” seems more important to me than ever. My good friend, Ben Gilpin, and I have been co-hosting a program on the BAM Radio Network for a couple years now. Recently, we sat down with Joe Mazza to discuss how to simply be present. I hope you take ten minutes to hear what Joe has to share and then reflect on how you might model this for your students and family.

Click HERE for the UnearthED Episode on being present.

Technology is a wonderful tool that can connect us in so many important ways. We just have to be careful that we do not allow it to disconnect us from those who matter most. As an educator, I’ve found that the most transformative aspect of technology is its ability to bring people and ideas together. It can have the opposite effect if we’re not careful.

Ben and I would love to hear how you stay present. Please share your “stake in the ground” in the comments section below or directly in iTunes.

Thanks for listening!



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