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3 Practical Tips for Working with Challenging Parents

E-mail is quick. E-mail is efficient. And e-mail is often an educator's worst enemy when trying to build relationships or work through challenging issues with parents.

The topic of creating student-centered partnerships with parents recently came up on the UnearthED Radio Program that I co-host with Ben Gilpin. During the show we chatted with Amber Teamann and "unearthed" three practical strategies that will help educators work through challenging situations with parents.

In addition to steering clear of e-mail when navigating emotionally charged situations, I gained some valuable perspective from Amber. I walked away with a renewed commitment to approach situations with the explicit belief that it’s not about "winning," but rather working together to achieve student-wins.

You can check out the 10 minute show HERE, or subscribe to all our shows in iTunes. I'd also encourage you to check out Amber's blog where she has an "Ask an Admin" series that features insights from educators across the county on topics just like these.

After listening to the show, we'd love your feedback in iTunes or the comments section below. What would you say is the number one way to partner with parents to address challenging situations?



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