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Seeing the Vision

Many people are talking about personalizing learning and 21st century skills. And rightfully so; we are at an exciting time in education and our students are counting on us to be nimble enough to respond to their needs. This requires vision, leadership, and a commitment to learning that will take us out of our comfort zones.

How do we really know when a shared vision is becoming the new reality?

“Seeing” the vision and celebrating student and staff success is critical to transforming learning. Video can provide an authentic and compelling glimpse of this important work. Checkout the short (4 minute) video above to see a preview of what our students plan to present at the School Board Meeting on May 8th.

Providing research and/or video content prior to a lesson is often referred to as “flipped instruction.” However, this video could be more accurately described as “flipped leadership.” We’re sharing information that relates to our school’s site improvement plan and district vision now, so that we can truly amplify student voice when we meet in person at the next School Board Meeting.

Special thanks to the countless teachers, paraprofessionals, and parents who are cultivating life-long learning in our students through a relevant and relational pedagogy. You help us “see” the vision each and every day as we strive to be responsive to the needs of 21st century learners.



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