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What Needs to Give?

My friend and co-host, Ben Gilpin, want to invite you to join us to discuss issues important to educators and the students they serve. We've noticed that there is no shortage of ideas about what should be changed in education on Twitter. However, these short (140 character) tweets often leave us looking for a little more. More dialogue. More examples. More critical analysis.

The latest episode of the UnearthED radio program follows up on a simple question, "What would you like to see changed in education?" The in-depth response from our guest, Steven Weber, might surprise you. Steven provides some practical "how to" advice when discussing learning spaces. He even offers a friendly caution in the form of "what not to do."

We probably learned as much from this episode as any other show to date. Through deeper dialogue, we can begin to look at issues impacting teachers in a new light. Check out the new show HERE and let us know what you'd like to see changed in education.

Keep making a difference for kids!



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