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Ugly Sweater Lotto

I was recently talking with a teacher about small gift ideas that might be meaningful to our staff. Our conversation drifted back and forth between a holiday ornament and/or something that might be more of a shared experience. I walked back to my office and reflected upon our conversation...and that's when the "Ugly Sweater Lotto" was born.

Here's how the lotto will work:

Each one of our school's 109 employees will be given a holiday ornament along with the "Ugly Sweater Lotto Ticket" pictured above. The back of each ornament contains a unique lotto number ranging from 1221000 to 1221120. The first four numbers correspond with the date of the actual lottery (12/21), and the last three digits will be unique (similar to a raffle drawing).

A random number will be drawn every hour on the hour on December 21, 2016 starting at 7:00am. Winning lotto numbers will be announced on our #GWgreats hashtag on Twitter and also posted to the bulletin board in the staff lounge.

Lotto prizes are listed below:

7:00am Coffee Lovers Prize Pack - With a holiday sweater-print mug and gift card from Starbucks.

8:00am Winter Reading Material - Two copies of my favorite book, The Noticer, by Andy Andrews. (One to read and one to share)

9:00am Game On! - iTunes gift card and edible chocolate scrabble game.

10:00am Crayola "Inspiration" Mega Art Set - Comes with cool "mindful" coloring book.

11:00am Hot Sauce Challenge - HUGE continuum of heat for your next cooking adventure.

12:00pm Family Decorating Fun- A sheet of gingerbread cookies and assorted frosting.

1:00pm Ultimate Hot Chocolate Kit - Comes with a custom ugly sweater mug!

2:00pm Family Movie Bundle - Featuring "Elf" movie along with popcorn and other goodies.

3:00pm Lunch from the Principal for an Entire Week - Five gift cards to local restaurants and eateries near our school.



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