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Casting Call

Last year Jen LaGarde and I co-hosted the World Championship of Book Talks. We started with a field of passionate educators who each shared their favorite 30 second book talk video. What happened next was truly amazing.

Thousands and thousands of people voted on the books they loved best. Students created their own book talk videos and shared them with us. We shared templates of blank book talk tournaments, and teachers created similar book talk experiences with their classes. Social Media was buzzing with book talk banter as the "Literacy Legends" competed against the "Lead Learners."

This year we're opening up the championship bracket to educators everywhere. If you're interested in taking a risk and creating an original 30 second book talk please click HERE or go to (signing up takes only about 1 minute). Jen and I will host a live draft show in the next few weeks. As a small token of appreciation, participating educators will be awarded some fun literacy-themed surprises.

If your book talk is selected to move on to the championship round, you'll even be eligible for a stellar surprise from a company that loves literacy as much as Jen and I do. Drum-roll please...Scholastic is supporting our book talk project!!

Of course, only one book talk video can earn the coveted "Vince Lombooki" championship trophy. Our main goals are to celebrate reading and the books we love. We also want to model creativity and the process of making book talk videos for students. If you know somebody who might be interested in participating please share this blog post with them and encourage them to volunteer. The Lead Learners are counting on you!

Jen and I want to take a second to thank last year's inspiring contributors. They made sure to keep the focus on the books we love, creativity, and the students we serve. All of them represented reading in such a positive way! To see our four book talk finalists from 2016 click HERE.

2016 World Book Talk Honor Roll:

Lead Learners

Literacy Legends

2016 Vince Lombooki Trophy Winners

Who will be on the 2017 Honor Roll? Volunteer to participate TODAY.



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