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What if we had a Literacy Olympics?!

This Sunday our family stopped by our local public library to return some books that my kids had checked out. As I approached the "car-side" book return I noticed a swarm of people casually conversing in the parking lot of the library.

I started to pile the books my kids had read into the narrow opening of the drop box two-by-two, and quickly realized just how many titles my kids had read the past week. After repeatedly feeding the book return for what seemed like several minutes, I started to chuckle to myself. I suppose this outward giggle was my feeble attempt at masking my "dad pride." (The ridiculous amount of books my kids read actually presents a challenge in that it can be difficult to find new and age-appropriate titles for them to checkout.)

One of the educators who I trust for exemplary book recommendations for my own kids is Mrs. Julie Kirchner. In fact, Julie has given us so many titles the past year or two that I recently reached out to her to see if she wanted to take her book recommending skills to the Olympics. She gracefully agreed (even though she was in the middle of a family road trip) and Episode #23 of the UnearthED Radio Show was born.

In the latest episode, we put together our gold, silver, and bronze medal recommendations for several book categories including best picture books, young adult novels, professional learning resources, and more. Without further are our winners neatly packaged into a short podcast!

Click HERE for the Literacy Olympics podcast!

If you enjoyed our UnearthED "Literacy Olympics" be sure to subscribe to the show in iTunes. Don't forget to follow Julie (@KirchnerLMS) on Twitter for more great titles. Finally, we'd love to learn about the books we missed in the comments section.



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