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What's Your One?

Have you ever returned from a conference and been asked to name a "take-away" or something you learned?

I recently had the chance to collaborate on a special podcasting project with Theresa Stager (co-host of the PrincipalPLN podcast). We were both at the NAESP national conference in Maryland, and presented a session on podcasting together in the Innovation Lab.

During our session, we asked school leaders their "one" takeaway. In addition to hearing what conference attendees were learning, we also wanted to model just how easy starting a podcast can be. (Clearly, we needed to spend a tad more time setting up the green-screen lights, but getting over the need for perfection is a big step to actually starting a podcast!)

I've always maintained that one of the best ways for principals to provide relevant instructional leadership is to model using relevant communication platforms like face-to-face conversation, social media, and podcasting. A podcast is also a great way to shine the light on the incredible work students and staff do on a daily basis, so there are many reasons to start.

We hope you enjoyed hearing from the inspiring (and brave) school leaders as they shared their "one" conference take-away. We also hope that you consider trying podcasting as a school or classroom communication tool.

I'd love to hear what your "one" was from NAESP16 in the comments section below, as well as other reasons you've used podcasting in your classroom or school.

**Special thanks to Theresa Stager and all the attendees who shared their learning with us during the live podcast.



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