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This past Friday, I was conversing with a staff member who shared something really neat (and a little scary) with me. She mentioned her daughter was returning to teaching after taking about 10 years off to raise her children. As somebody married to an incredible wife and mom of three, I immediately wanted to help in any way I could. That's when the staff member began asking me about digital portfolios. She said her daughter was told that she needed to organize a digital portfolio as part of the process of returning to the classroom. She and her daughter were guessing that this was something new since she didn't recall having to create a digital portfolio when she originally went into the pro

The #30SecondBookTalk Championship May Be Over, But The Opportunity To Help Kids Fall In Love With R

This post is being re-blogged from the Scholastic Reader Leader Blog. It was co-authored by my friend, Jenn LaGarde, and I. Special thanks to Scholastic for the support! Here's the scoop! Jenn and I recently wrapped up another season of the World Book Talk Championship. We hope you enjoy our parting reflections. From Jennifer: At a recent conference, I had the opportunity to look on as a local Superintendent received an award for his support of School Libraries during his lifetime of service to his school district. During his acceptance speech, he mentioned that by the time his son was 10 years old, he and his wife “knew something was very wrong,” because their son hated reading. Having exha

One Thing that Scares Me

Part of me feels awkward admitting what I'm about to share. However, I think transparency and purpose should prevail over my own here goes. Whenever I facilitate sessions at conferences, I try to integrate different communication tools into the learning and reflection time. I share how I use these tools to initiate dialogue and build relationships. I also try to model seamless integration so educators can envision how different approaches might support and transform their regular workflow. (The video clip above was taken at #NCTIES17 earlier this month, and provides a good picture of what I'm talking about.) You might be surprised to know that I always feel a little uncomfo

Assume Nothing

Several years ago, I made a really bad assumption as a school leader. I assumed that the purpose and vision we all aspired to was understood uniformly, and therefore putting the pedal to the metal was the next logical step. It was not. What I came to learn was that the people in an organization need to feel valued before the vision can become fully realized. I share more about this epic failure (and a few other assumptions I've made along the way) in my book Renegade Leadership. Just last week I was reminded of the perils we experience when we make assumptions. I shared a theory in a recent blog post, "What if Simon Sinek was Wrong?" The Donut Theory elevated the importance of relationships

One Thing I didn't Realize about Poverty

He had hardly spoken the words, and I knew in that moment what he had just shared contained more truth than I had heard the entire week. I entered this man's vehicle as a presenter heading home from a tech conference. I quickly assumed the role of learner as he unpacked his story of unfulfilled dreams. He was Ricky, a 62 year old taxi driver from North Carolina. I was still just a passenger who really wanted to get home. As my new teacher shared about the different barriers he had encountered while trying to become a professional musician, I found myself wondering what was stopping him. He was obviously very passionate about writing music; he even had me watch a music video he had previously

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