Two Ways Leaders Leverage a Growth Mindset

I’ve been learning about how a growth mindset makes all the difference in leadership and learning for several years now. This topic often comes up when I’m talking with participants after sharing a keynote or facilitating a workshop. In each one of these conversations I sense the gears of a growth mindset yearning to make a difference for kids. However, I’ve always struggled with one question that seems to be on everyone’s mind, “How do I handle reluctant colleagues or teachers?” I started reflecting on how the strengths-based approach I’ve seen our school use so effectively might apply to the question above. What if we replaced the word “reluctant” with other descriptors that honored the va

He Said, She Said...Can We Talk About PD?

It seems everybody is talking about Professional Development (PD), and the conversation isn’t always pretty. Suffice it to say, most people agree that PD could be better. This blog post is dedicated to teachers and principals who want more from their professional learning. I teamed up with Jessica Cabeen, principal at Woodson Kindergarten Center in Austin, Minnesota, to share how each of our schools approached planning for a single PD day. We quickly realized from this shared writing endeavor that we can both learn so much from others. In the same spirit of learning, we wanted to share our PD agendas and reflections with you. You’ll hear from Jessica in just a second, but first let me share

What Needs to Give?

My friend and co-host, Ben Gilpin, want to invite you to join us to discuss issues important to educators and the students they serve. We've noticed that there is no shortage of ideas about what should be changed in education on Twitter. However, these short (140 character) tweets often leave us looking for a little more. More dialogue. More examples. More critical analysis. The latest episode of the UnearthED radio program follows up on a simple question, "What would you like to see changed in education?" The in-depth response from our guest, Steven Weber, might surprise you. Steven provides some practical "how to" advice when discussing learning spaces. He even offers a friendly caution in

World Book Talk Championship

We packed 16 book talks, creative commentary, and some student-created commercials into a podcast that's less than 15 minutes. Check out the podcast and keep reading to learn more about this global collaboration. Fun Facts: Each of the book talks in this podcast are only approximately 30 seconds long! The eight Lead Learners and eight Literacy Legends are really just educators who love kids, reading, and learning. (A person's formal role in education doesn't determine what team they're on because everyone can lead learning.) Educators from three different countries participated in this project. We're proud of the diverse blend of titles that are featured, and believe all students should see

30+ Reasons to Create a Book Talk Video

Reading aloud to students on a regular basis helps me stay connected, build relationships, and share my love of literacy. It's also been a catalyst for some powerful conversations with kids too. This year I started doing a book talk video to introduce staff and students to my monthly read alouds. Here are 30+ reasons I believe all educators should start creating book talk videos (interspersed with some videos): 1. Book talk videos create additional opportunities to connect with authors. 2. Book talk videos are a natural entry-point to reading for many reluctant readers. 3. If you expect students to create and consume quality digital content, you should too. 4. Book talk videos create opportu

Dr. Brad Gustafson is an elementary principal, author, and speaker. He believes schools can be spaces where creativity and innovation thrive, but only when we prioritize relationships and a relevant, connected pedagogy. 


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