My goal is to help educators leverage a few key “difference makers” so they walk away from a keynote empowered to transform their work the very next day. Attendees will be engaged with a blend of humor, inspiring stories, and practical take-away points that will motivate and challenge. Keynotes are personalized to meet the needs of your group.

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Reclaiming Our Calling


What would school look like if we held the whole learner in the same regard as high-stakes test scores? This keynote is a refreshingly honest and practitioner-friendly message that will help you meet your school’s goals while helping all students connect to their passions. Let’s turn off auto-pilot mode and set our sights on learning that lasts.

Renegade Leadership


This keynote brings an inspiring blend of personal stories and humor that will change the way you think about positive deviance. Learn how to unleash student and staff potential while dismantling barriers to innovation. Collect examples of the Renegade CODE in action so you can champion meaningful change in your sphere of influence.

Champion Literacy, Slay Reading Logs & Booktalk Like a Wizard


If sharing the books we love is the heart of literacy, providing students time to read books they’ve selected is the soul. This keynote is part inspiration and part call-to-action. Learn how to create a culture of literacy and walk away with spellbinding strategies you can implement tomorrow.

Cultivating Creative Minds


Can creativity, innovation, and learning go hand-in-hand? What would it look like if student ownership was as revered as student achievement data? This keynote is part "idea smackdown" and part "call-to-action." Learn how to unleash classroom creativity and unleash it campus-wide...whether you recognize your own creativity or not! 

Inventing the Future Through Failure


Want to learn the secret of success? That's a different keynote...let's have a real conversation about failure! Empowering others requires humility, risk-taking, and honest dialogue. I'll share some of my "epic fails" and highlight how each failure led to new learning and empowerment. Let's delve into the difficulties that we encounter when doing the real work in education.  

Make. Create. Innovate.


This interactive keynote experience will put the audience smack-dab in the middle of the "Maker Movement." Participants will experience how transformative technology integration and "making" are motivating students everywhere. Don't just come to be inspired...come to create something! 




Cultivating a Culture of Innovation

How to move from silos of innovation to a culture committed to innovation.


The Birds, Bees & "BETA"

Raising kids who are digital leaders requires more than a single conversation about digital citizenship.


This Time It's Personal: Passion-Based-Learning

We'll collect examples of passion-based learning and hear how theory can translate to real results.


Innovating from the Ground Up

We'll dialogue about how to nurture innovation starting from square one in your classroom, school, or district.


The Author of YOUR School's Story

Learn proven strategies and tools to tell about the incredible things your students, teachers, and schools are doing.


10+ Ways to Amplify Student Voice

See how practitioners are transforming schools from compliance-based learning to spaces that also honor student choice, voice, and talent.



Learn the very basics about implementing a MakerSpace to ignite student creativity or take your existing MakerSpace to an entirely new level.


Squelching the Status Quo

We'll address barriers to meaningful change and discuss strategies to move forward for the benefit of our students.


The Power of a Connected Pedagogy

Learn how to tap into the transformative power of technology to connect your staff and students to a robust ecosystem of opportunities and learning.


Just One Step

Some people think they are not creative or find it difficult to justify trying to do something different. This personalized session will affirm where individual participants are at and get them excited about applying innovation to something you're currently doing well.


Flipped Leadership 101

Learn how to leverage the power of technology (including video) to increase engagement and enhance the collaborative capacity of your colleagues.


Digital Media Melee

A fast-paced digital "SmackDown" featuring a multitude of tools that can transform learning and impact of communications. Best of all...most of the tools can fit into your regular workflow!


Connected Learning is Relevant Learning

Wondering why you're still dealing with student discipline or a lack of engagement? Let's look at how to increase the relevance of the student learning experience without compromising on existing standards.


Twitter 101

A differentiated look at how to start Twitter, what your next steps could be, and ultimately how to leverage social media as true "learning media."


Social Media Seminar

We'll explore a few tools that educators are using to empower deeper learning, relationships, and community partnerships.


How to Personalize your PD

Transform the Professional Development that you’re planning into learning experiences staff will not want to pass up!


Principal PD Planning: How to Inspire Staff Learning

A hands-on and participatory session on transforming your current Professional Development to infuse teacher choice, teacher leadership, and ultimately impact classroom practices.


Cutting-Edge Cool: 10 Ways to Bring Innovation to your School

We'll look at ten of the hottest tools in EdTech and show examples of why they're making a difference. This is not just a shiny object "Smack Down." We'll also delve into purpose, pedagogy, and tap into the talent in the audience.


The Pathway to 21st Century Learning

This session will help all levels of school leaders (e.g. classroom, school, district, region, university, etc.) Walk away with the ability to lead change and understand the key difference makers in 21st century learning. Best of all, we'll do this using an easy-to-apply framework that will support your regular workflow.


10+ Ways to Bolster Creativity

Ideas to unleash and inspire campus-wide creativity.


Parent Partnerships

How are you building bridges with the community? Let's compare notes and walk away with a supercharged tool box of ideas capable of taking relationships and parent partnerships further than we previously imagined.


How to Harness the Power of the Hashtag

Participants will look at how educators are leveraging the power of the hashtag to connect, learn, and share. We'll also design a learning and/or leadership experience that they can use in their current setting.


Unleashing the Power of Video

Teaching the YouTube generation without providing students safe and scaffolded opportunities to create and publish video content would be absurd. But how do we start?! Let's learn how to use TouchCast, YouTube, iMovie, and our mobile devices to lead and model the way.


Let's Talk about Blogging

Reflecting and interacting with other practitioners can truly take your learning to the next level. Let’s have a conversation about best-practices and how our own reflection can make a difference for students. All participants will have the chance to compose a blog post as well.

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Dr. Brad Gustafson is an elementary principal, author, and speaker. He believes schools can be spaces where creativity and innovation thrive, but only when we prioritize relationships and a relevant, connected pedagogy. 


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For keynote inquiries please contact Ana Daniel at Premiere Speakers Bureau by clicking the button below.

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