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#UndergroundBookClub Book Study Starting February 5th

In approximately ten days we’re kicking off something special. It’s special because of the meaning behind the work, and the people committed to that work (including you!). I could not be more excited to get this party started!! It’s not too late to join us if you’d like to be part of the conversation.

A couple things are happening right now:

1.) First, educators are tweeting out questions they’d like discussed during our Facebook Live conversations and the Twitter chats that will be happening right after each Facebook Live session. I’m referring to the Twitter chats as “after parties” but I promise they will be productive. :)

2.) Next, educators are signing up for the book study using this link Signing up will get you a weekly “mission” hand-delivered to your e-mail inbox. Each mission will align with the chapters we’re discussing. These optional extensions will allow you to personalize your learning as your schedule allows.

Bonus: This is completely optional, but many of us have also shared a selfie as an introduction to others in the #UndergroundBookClub. Grab a copy of the book, Reclaiming Our Calling, and let others know you’re joining us by sharing a photo.

A few additional details in case you’re curious:

  • Facebook Live videos will be downloaded to YouTube so you have the chance to watch them at a time that’s convenient for you.

  • Facebook Live conversations will include questions you share in advance, but we will also be responding in real-time as you leave additional comments in the stream.

  • Each week, our hosts will share their thoughts and also pose questions for you to engage with. (You’ll be able to interact with us on Facebook or Twitter.)

  • Of course, you’re free to simply watch these conversations and use them as a conversation-starter for our “after party” Twitter chats!

  • Twitter chats will build upon the chapters we’re focusing on as well as content shared in the Facebook Live videos.

  • After the Twitter chats, you’re free to circle back all week long to continue the conversation.

  • Everyone is invited to participate in a way that’s meaningful to them. Some may choose to share follow-up blog posts, while others may want to record a short video synopsis, BookSnaps, or engage in off-line writing.



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