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World Booktalk Championship - LIVE Draft

The World Booktalk Championship is back and we've got an incredible line-up of "booktalkers" coming at you! In a tragic turn of events, the "Literacy Legends," (coached by @JenniferLagarde) have won the championship two years in a row. The good news is the "Lead Learners" are up for the challenge this year and there is absolutely no way we're willing to turn Jenn's victory streak into a 3-peat!

Jenn and I completed the live-draft show and participants have two weeks to create their best 30-second booktalk video. Once we have all the videos we'll synthesize them into one epic video featuring the best 30-second booktalks from around the world. (Watch for the official bracket and a link for you and your students to vote in the coming weeks!) We hope you enjoy the recording of the live-draft show.

We had an overwhelmingly positive show of support in the early submission round, and Jenn and I had an extremely difficult time selecting 16 booktalkers to participate in the official bracket. We want to thank everyone for trying to help and hope you can be involved in another way. Feel free to reach out if you or your students are interested in creating short (10-20 second) literacy-themed commercials for the final production. Similar to the Super Bowl, seeing literacy-themed PSAs is always a highlight.

Thanks again for celebrating literacy and modeling how fun it can be to talk about the books we love!

Join the conversation on Twitter at #30SecondBooktalk.



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