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Staff Lip Sync Battle (Video)

Our staff created a "lip sync battle" video as a reward for students. Today is the official "release day" for the video and we hope it makes students smile as much as we smiled while creating it.

One thing the video doesn't show is the incredible work our entire team does to create a culture where relationships, innovation, and learning come together in such a fun and collaborative manner. This week we had teachers surprise students by serving lunch, participate in the #bookaday national read-aloud project, organize staff outings, and so much more...all while preparing for parent-teacher conferences! Our PTA and parent volunteers organized an epic Fun Run experience for students that brought the community together.

It would be impossible to capture all of the great things that our teachers and school community do to make a difference for kids. However, it's important to us that we share a small glimpse of the environment that students get to learn in every day.



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