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Guest: George Couros (@gcouros) | Released: December 15, 2016

Guest: Emilie Garwitz (@MrsGarwitz) | Released: December 1, 2016

Guest: Shana White (@ShanaVWhite) | Released: November 9, 2016

Guest: Shana White (@ShanaVWhite) | Released: October 26, 2016

Guest: Patrick Riccards (@eduflack) | Released: October 18, 2016

Guest: Garnet Hillman (@garnet_hillman) | Released: September 19, 2016

Guest: Jon Corippo (@jcorippo) | Released: September 15, 2016

Guest: Julie Kirchner (@kirchnerlms) | Released: August 2016

Guest: Jennifer Gonzalez (@cultofpedagogy) | Released: June 20, 2016

Guest: Reed Gillespie (@rggillespie) | Released: April 27, 2016

Dr. Brad Gustafson is an elementary principal, author, and speaker. He believes schools can be spaces where creativity and innovation thrive, but only when we prioritize relationships and a relevant, connected pedagogy. 


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Arms Wide Open

Guest: Derek McCoy (@mccoyderek) | Released: April 19, 2016

Guest: Cassidy Rathbun (@missrathbun1) | Released: March 31, 2016

Guest: Michael Medvinsky (@mwmedvinsky) | Released: March 17, 2016

Guest: John Spencer (@spencerideas) | Released: February 8, 2016

Co-Hosts: Brad Gustafson (@GustafsonBrad) & Ben Gilpin (@BenjaminGilpin)

Released: January 1, 2016

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