How to Improve School Culture without 100% Buy-in

It doesn’t matter what position our school is hiring for...when we're conducting interviews I usually try to ask at least one question about school culture. The reason for this is simple. Every person who works in a school leaves their fingerprints on its culture, and our students will be living in that culture the majority of their school-age lives. Every second we spend investing in school culture is ultimately an investment in the quality of learning in a building. This is why Ben Gilpin and I were so excited to sit down with Dave Burgess to talk school culture on the latest episode of the unearthED Podcast. This particular show goes a mile a minute, so allow me to leave some mile markers

1 Thing Personalized Learning Might be Missing

The picture above will make more sense in a minute. First, I want to share how my Saturday morning started. I woke up this weekend and started thinking about personalized learning. Technically speaking, I didn’t actually wake up with the words “personalized learning” on my mind. Instead, my thoughts were filled with some of the most student-centered learning experiences I’ve observed over the past week, and in recent years. As I continued reflecting on these experiences, I noticed a missing ingredient from each of the scenes I was replaying in my mind. I’m going to share several super-short stories and then ask you a couple questions about what you notice. Two kindergarteners are huddled ove

World Booktalk Championship - LIVE Draft

The World Booktalk Championship is back and we've got an incredible line-up of "booktalkers" coming at you! In a tragic turn of events, the "Literacy Legends," (coached by @JenniferLagarde) have won the championship two years in a row. The good news is the "Lead Learners" are up for the challenge this year and there is absolutely no way we're willing to turn Jenn's victory streak into a 3-peat! Jenn and I completed the live-draft show and participants have two weeks to create their best 30-second booktalk video. Once we have all the videos we'll synthesize them into one epic video featuring the best 30-second booktalks from around the world. (Watch for the official bracket and a link for you

Dr. Brad Gustafson is an elementary principal, author, and speaker. He believes schools can be spaces where creativity and innovation thrive, but only when we prioritize relationships and a relevant, connected pedagogy. 


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