Cafeteria DJs: What, Why & How

Our teachers do so many things to amplify student voice in their classrooms. It's important for me to find different ways to support the work our team does on a school-wide level. Sometimes this translates into direct support of a teacher's idea or request, and other times it involves investing indirectly into a school culture that supports staff and students. A few years ago we started a little experiment in the cafeteria. We implemented a "Cafeteria DJ" program to provide kids an opportunity to select music that they wanted to listen to during lunch. (Occasionally we have educators contact us to ask about our Cafeteria DJ program, so I thought I'd reflect a little on what we've learned

Casting Call

Last year Jen LaGarde and I co-hosted the World Championship of Book Talks. We started with a field of passionate educators who each shared their favorite 30 second book talk video. What happened next was truly amazing. Thousands and thousands of people voted on the books they loved best. Students created their own book talk videos and shared them with us. We shared templates of blank book talk tournaments, and teachers created similar book talk experiences with their classes. Social Media was buzzing with book talk banter as the "Literacy Legends" competed against the "Lead Learners." This year we're opening up the championship bracket to educators everywhere. If you're interested in taking

Memory Lane

I was recently searching through a bin containing some old pictures and elementary school projects that my mom had saved for me. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I did find my first-grade class picture as well as a first-grade Spelling Bee participant ribbon. That's right. This blog is being typed by a Willow Lane Elementary Spelling Bee participant. (In case you were wondering...I'm the stellar speller in the red shirt in the upper-left hand corner of the class photo.) As I continued to dig through different class pictures, old report cards, and notes from teachers I discovered a notebook page full of autographs that I collected as a third-grader. I vividly remember the significanc

Our #EduFreeze Video

Take a look at what some creative kids produced this week as part of the principal's podcast! Students filmed an #EduFreeze video based on the Mannequin Challenges that are sweeping the country. Here are a few things we noticed while creating our #EduFreeze video: 1. We stopped to live in the moment. 2. Student creativity and self-discipline was off the charts. 3. We had a chance to shine the light on our students and some of the tools they use for learning. 4. We took time to collaborate, listen to others' ideas, and build relationships while creating our video. 5. We laughed (a lot) and had fun! Our students are hoping that they can see other schools' mannequin challenge videos. Feel free

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